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We are a group of bird loving Ecuadorians that decided to join forces to become  stronger and gain visibility in the eyes of bird watchers, government, and other conservation groups and organizations. 

Our goal is to promote bird watching in Ecuador for the benefit of conservation in Ecuador.  All the members of our association believe in the  value of conservation and sustainable businesses.  It is the purpose of the association to help the members but also to promote conservation and sustainability as a valuable pursuit.  We hope that our members become leaders by example so that other people will follow suit and act responsibly so that their economic activities will promote conservation and sustainability.

We will build a network of bird watching places, local guides, and birding routes with trails  that can provide a wonderful experience and leave the maximum benefit to our fellow associates and therefore promote the conservation of the forest by Ecuadorians.

Sustainable bird watching is eco-tourism that supports the conservation of the environment.  Sustainability means that birding provides an economic benefit without damaging the environment, and therefore it can continue to provide the same benefits for future generations.

Ecuador is a fantastic place to do eco-tourism, our compact and rugged geography allows for rapid changes in habitat.  You can visit more habitats in short distances that any other place on earth, specially now when the government has done a great job in road maintenance and development. 

Consider the bird density numbers presented in this blog: Why Bird in Ecuador

Also consider the biodiversity presented here: Ecuador Hotspots and Bioregions


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